Solomon B. Cera Featured in University of San Francisco School of Law’s Lawyer Magazine

Managing Partner Solomon B. Cera was featured in the Alumni Spotlight in the December 2014 issue of the University Of San Francisco School Of Law’s Lawyer magazine for his leadership in securing a $163.5 million settlement in a class action antitrust case on behalf of 350 businesses and individuals located throughout the country. Mr. Cera’s career as a lawyer focusing on securities, antitrust, and consumer class action litigation on behalf of plaintiffs stems from his interest in remedying economic wrongs that affect large numbers of people and businesses, an ongoing quest for economic justice which his USF Law School education instilled in him.

Throughout his career, he has donated both his time and money to the Law School.

“This is a noble profession and it’s a noble law school that I come from,” he said. “I want to see it succeed.”